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There are no contests available at this time.
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Points are scored by making correct choices, and the player(s) with the most points win.

Players can apply power ups to try and boost their total score, but there is a risk of penalty in the event the fighter fails to achieve the power up.

How to Play

Each player picks a total of five (5) fighters from the event lineup and decides how & when each fight will end.

Points are awarded based on performance, and winning players receive cash prizes!

Power Ups

Apply up to three (3) power ups per contest which can help you score bonus points if the chosen fighter performs accordingly.

On the flip side, if the chosen fighter fails to achieve the desired result, a penalty will result.

Contest Fomats

  • CLASSIC - top 20% of players win a prize
  • 50/50 - top 50% of players win a prize
  • GREED - winner take all, one player wins a prize

Is this Legal?

Yes! Daily fantasy sports (DFS) are completely legal for residents of 41 US states, and anyone is allowed to participate in our free entry contests.

Residents of the following states are not eligible to participate in paid entry contests:
Alabama, Arizona, Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa, Louisiana, Montana, Nevada, and Washington


How to Play

Choose five (5) fighters and decide how & when they will win to score points.

Pick 5 Fighters

Five fighters icons indicating five fighters chosen

Points System

5 points for correct finish, 5 points for correct underdog figher win, 3 points for correct favorite firghter win, 2 points for correct round, 1 point for correct minute

Power Ups*

3 stars indicating 3 power ups selected

*Up to three (3) powers ups can be applied per contest to score bonus points.


There are three different contest formats available with varying levels of risk.

  • Classic

    Classic Format Icon

    Top 20% of highest scoring players win a prize.

  • Greed

    Greed Format Icon

    The top scorer takes home 100% of the prize pool.

  • 50/50

    Fifty Fifty Format Icon

    Top 50% of highest scoring players win a prize.

Legal Info

BSMMA offers daily fantasy (DFS) contests to players in Canada and the United States* with the exception of these states:

Map graphic indicating AL, AR, HI, ID, LA, MT, NV, WA are not eligible for participation in paid contests

All are welcome to compete in FREE contests!

The Odds

The further away from 100 indicates the strength of that position.




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Power Ups

Earn bonus points for success, but risk penalty for failure!

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Fighter scores at least one knockdown via striking

+3 points / -1 point

Fighter completes at least three takedowns

+3 points / -1 point

Fighter secures victory in 60 seconds or less

+10 points / -3 points

Fighter secures victory in the first round

+5 points / -2 points

Fighter finishes opponent via pure KO

+10 points / -3 points

Opponent fails to land a single strike

+25 points / -5 points

Fighter completes at least three ground transitions

+3 points / -1 point

Fighter defends at least three takedown attempts

+3 points / -1 point
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