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Nearly one year after the BSMMA beta was released in 2017, a fully revamped version of the unique fantasy MMA portal is slated for release in October 2018! Our team has been hard at work to improve the player experience, and here is a sneak preview of some of the key features BSMMA v2.0 has to offer:

Wizard-Style Picks Interface

The new picks interface streamlines the process of picking fighters into a step-by-step ‘wizard-style’ process that includes ‘Back’ and ‘Reset’ links so you can easily adjust choices in case you change your mind about an expected outcome. Chosen fighters avatars will also appear atop the screen so you can easily navigate back to them as well. Here’s a look at the new layout: Picking favorites will result in scoring fewer points than picking an underdog, and picking the correct round now utilizes a sliding point scale which rewards early finishes in three round fights, and late finishes in five round fights: R1 = 3 points |  R2 = 2 points | R3 = 1 point | R4 = 4 points | R5 = 5 points

Power Ups

The biggest change from the BSMMA beta is the ability to power up EVERY fighter, which provides players a greater opportunity to maximize the return on a chosen figher’s performance. In addition, both BONECRUSHR and SLATR power-ups now have unlimited upside as players can score points for every knockdown/takedown that the chosen fighter achieves. Knowing a fighter’s tendencies and assigning a power up that correlates to their strength can dramatically increase a player’s score, and here is an overview of the power ups being offered in BSMMA version 2,0:
Score 3 bonus points each time a fighter scores a knockdown via strikes.
Score 3 bonus points each time a fighter scores a takedown.
Score 10 bonus points if a fighter finishes their opponent via pure KO!
Score 15 bonus points if a fighter secures victory within the first two minutes!
Score 25 bonus points if a fighter’s opponent fails to land a single strike!

Fight Card Summary

In keeping with the goal of clarifying and simplifying the entire picks interface, we have also added a fight card summary that will continually update as additional picks are made. This summary provides players with a snapshot of all the decisions that have been made for each pick, and clicking a chosen fighter avatar allows for making changes up until 30 minutes prior to the start of the event. While it may be the crown jewel of the BSMMA v2.0 overhaul, the revamped picks interface isn’t the only new feature we have in store for this release. More reveals to come as we approach October, so stay tuned and be sure to add your name to the notification list for when BSMMA v2.0 is officially live!

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