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Official Results Are In For UFC 237: Namajunas vs Andrade

Wild times atop the UFC 237 card in Rio De Janeiro leaving one Brazilian (Anderson Silva, 34-10-0) with a blown out knee, and another adding a championship belt to their trophy case (Jessica Andrade, 20-6-0).

Even wilder is that player SLAYER205 was able to take the top spot in our public free entry contest on just three correct picks as the chosen power up bonuses carried the day. Putting the Debo (+10 points) on Andrade earned SLAYER205 the win with 68 points, and here’s a look at the boss fight card:


SLAYER205’s Fight Card, UFC 237

Official results have been recorded, fantasy points + real cash awarded, and now we’re on to UFC Fight Night: Dos Anjos vs Lee which is going down this Saturday, May 18, 2019 @ 5:00PM EST with all fights airing on ESPN+.